Cheap construction loans

Finding a cheap housing bank is a difficult task. Financing: Covert spending makes cheap mortgages more expensive Consumers should not think of cheap loans. Home financing is hardly possible without own funds. However, consumers should not be tempted by cheap credit. “It does not matter whether interest rates are low by historical standards or not,” […]

Microloans in the US

In the United States of America, as in our country, there is some kind of uncertain attitude towards microloans. Many people believe that this is a good type of business financing, but some believe that they are designed to serve the lower strata of the population. microloans This may be due to the fact that […]

Personal Payday Loans Developments

The latest figures from the Banko de Bank shed new light on the state of the mortgage market. In our last article, we reported the very high OECD figures, pointing out that current demand for credit is very dynamic. Let’s see what this request consists of. Share of renegotiations in new personal payday loans In a […]

Termination loan pattern

The loan, including ancillary claims, is due for repayment immediately and without notice. In particular, the Lender is entitled to terminate the loan for good cause without notice. automatically at the statutory notice period of three months. The loan agreement should also include a notice period. Cancel and get out of expensive term loans? Expensive […]